Where’s the Spam?

I have only received one spam email today. By this time of the day I’ve on average over the last months received about 10-15 spam emails on my 3 web-exposed email addresses, sometimes more. I checked with some of my friends, and many of them have the same story.

I’ve jokingly commented before that I like spam, because it tells me that my email server is alive and kicking. Well today’s absence of spam had me run a few email checks to see if it was ok, and all the vitals indicate good health. Plus I’ve received quite a few real emails both newsletters and personal.

After all the criticism of the new Can Spam Act, I doubt that is the cause. But what else could it be? Are I and my friends just going through a weird statistical spam-void or is it something others have noticed as well.

P.S. Wise guys that take this as an invitation to spam me – don’t bother, I never read them anyway!


  1. I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and contacted a friend who is a sysadmin for a large (by Icelandic standards, of course) softwarecompany. He himself received the normal portion of 38 spams today. So this is even stranger because between you, me and the rest of my company (which is a small softwarecompany by any standard), received a total of 2 spams today! And we’re not all on the same postserver or with the same service!

    How about that spam-void? Can I hide in here for a little longer?

  2. I guess your mail server filters the spam before you pop your accounts.

  3. I like it here in no-spam-land. Even in my hot mail account, which has been spammed heavily has not received any spam to speak of. When I went over the junk mail folder, it was nearly empty, only contained some mass-mail email that wasn’t spam. More like the “I’m sending an email to all my friends at the same time and I’ll forget to add a subject” type.

  4. I have this old hotmail account that has often been so spam ridden that I received over 2MB of spam a week. Now I’m receiving about 100k a week. I think this started happening about the same time hotmail changed it’s interface recently.

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