Javascript lists improved

Improved on yesterday’s syndication list builder and made the Javascript list a lot more flexible.

You can now include the date the page was spurled and your comments or the description for the page either as a text in the list or on a mouseover. See the builder for details (requires login).

You can see two very different examples of lists made with the builder on my Wetware blog (“Wetware spurls” on the right hand side) and the front page of (the “What people are saying about…” list at the bottom). In both cases the list shows a single category from “My spurls”, so now every time I either see some discussion about online or a page that I think the readers of Wetware will like, I spurl it into the respective category and it shows up right away on the right place. How cool is that?!

The CSS tags in the Javascript list allow very flexible formatting. You will find details on that in the aforementioned syndication list builder.