Search functionality

Just added a search function to search for entries in the entire database. This first version is very simple. It simply searches:

  • the spurl title
  • the url
  • all user comments
  • and the description

…for a search string match. The search is not limited to whole words, so searching e.g. for “interest” will return also return spurls where the words “interesting” or “interests” appear in the searched fields.

Users can limit search to their own spurls in order to search for something they’ve previously spurled themselves.

There will be more search features soon, but I decided to introduce this limited functionality now as it is already quite useful and interesting.

One comment

  1. The search function is excellent. Having just imported all 400+ of my bookmarks, it’s a complete necessity — works quite well.

    Some things I am hoping to see in the near future:
    ability to ‘unspurl’ something, ability to remove categories, ability to export bookmarks. Whether the latter is done in a linear, all-one-list manner or folder per topic I don’t care–just want to be able to back them up

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