Comments from blocked text and upload bookmarks

Two notable upgrades in the last couple of days:

  1. If you block a part of the text on a webpage before clicking the spurl! button, that text will be automatically used as the text for the comment for that page (see the “Advanced” tab in the spurl! window). This improves the usability of the comments a lot, as there is usually some descriptive part of text on the page (e.g. the intro to an article) or you want to store the page because of a certain point made in the text and it makes sense to store that bit as the comment on the page.

    So, simply block a piece of text on the page and then click spurl!. Needless to say, careful comments make it a lot easier to search for pages later on as the search functionality searches the comment text as well as the title, url and description.

    Note! In order to use this feature you MUST HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF THE spurl! BUTTON. Go to “My profile” on (requires login), delete the old spurl! button and drag the new one to the links bar instead.

  2. Secondly, you can now upload your bookmarks to your account. The upload feature supports exported bookmarks from any Netscape compatible file (that includes Internet Explorer and Mozilla) as well as exported bookmarks from the Opera browser. Go to the upload page for further information. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.


  1. The search works very well for finding a spurl that I wish to revisit–however, it’s not as intuitive as it could be. The search results may be clicked on, to visit the URL, and nothing more. It would be most helpful if the icons that appear next to my spurls would appear next to them, allowing me to comment on the spurl, or select “related” spurls.

  2. Regarding export: The idea is not to lock anybody in using, so – yes – an export feature will be introduced very soon.

    Regarding search results: The search results will also be updated with the comment, related and spurl buttons (I simply forgot them). Additionally an option to make an RSS feed out of search results will be introduced at the same time, allowing people to subscribe to a feed of Spurled pages that match a given search term or terms.

  3. Export — Excellent — being synchronization (and backup) enabled is great.

    Results — Again, excellent. As for RSS, your sub-motto ought to be “Syndicate everything!” 🙂

    Keep up the good work

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