Service out due to DNS upgrade

Due to a neccessary DNS upgrade has been unreachable for more than an hour.

I’m sorry for any inconveniece this may have caused, but I did not know on beforehand that this upgrade would cause any downtime. In any case, the upgrade is a step in improving the service, so please bare with me.

The page is gradually becoming available again (depending on where you are sitting in the world) so please be patient. :-s


  1. Sorry if it’s off topic with respect to this post.
    I subscribed to spurl and I find it great.
    To my surprise, it seems that it’s not possible to delete any entry.
    Is this right ? If yes, do you think you’ll add this feature ?

  2. Yes, it is correct that this is not possible. It is however near the top of the to-do list so don’t panic. I’d say it should be completed in about 3-4 days.

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