Server outage

This looks bad. Second outage in 4 days.

This time it is my hosting company that is not doing their job. I just spoke with support and the problem is being taken care of, although they couldn’t say when it would be up and running again.

I am looking at different hosting options that will have more reliability and can run the service without hickups even with more increase in traffic and additional planned features. My current hosting plan should handle at least 10 times more than the current traffic, but they simply are not living up to their promises.

I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Update (March 9th): Hostway claims to have solved the problem with the server, and assures me that furhter problems of this sort should not occur. So happy spurling.

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  1. What’s your CPU and bandwidth like? I host with Geekisp and although I have a few misgivings about the performance issues, the server has been pretty stable, not to mention dirt cheap. The guy is also a pretty responsive support person. Then again, this spurl thing would probably be intensive, so, uh, host somewhere else! Don’t kill my blog. 😉

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