Most visited spurls and export

I’ve made two improvements on “My spurls”. Both improve the usefulness of the My spurls page quite a lot and are the first steps in a major upgrade I’m doing to that ppart of in general (including the search functionality).

  1. Most visited Spurls: Spurl now counts every time you click a link in “My spurls” (or search results from My spurls). This information can be used to allow users to sort their spurls by frequency of use. That sorting mechanism is not there yet (hopefully later today), but as a first application of this functionality, The default page for “My spurls” now shows your category structure and the 15 most visited pages through My Spurls. For me at least, this made the trick: My Spurls is now my default homepage from where I access my most frequently used sites.
  2. Export: As Allen mentioned in a comment to a previous post, the export functionality is here. It exports all your spurls as a bookmark file. The structure of the export file is the same as Explorer and Firefox use, and I believe almost any browser can import files of this format.

    This allows you to back up your Spurls locally, and more or less do whatever you want with them. They are – after all – yours.


  1. That would be very easy to implement. Do you know any XML-scheme that is used for bookmarks, or should I just go ahead and do it the way that “makes the most sense” to me?

  2. Spurl is fine….. BUT, how can it be removed from one’s computer. It is on a friend’s machine at the moment and he has asked me (since I use spurl from time to time) how to remove it since he no longer wants it….. I have searched your website and FAQ and cannot find a removal method.
    How to remove it??

    Many thanks, A Bevin, MD

  3. A Bevin: You’re probably refering to the Internet Explorer version of Spurl, as that is the only version where something is really installed.

    To remove the Spurl bar and the buttons from a computer, go to the Spurl-bar setup page and follow the instructions that follow the four steps to install the Spurl bar.

    The next time you restart the browser (sometimes the computer needs rebboting), the buttons will be gone and no trace left of Spurl on the computer.

  4. Hi. Great idea. But why this scroll of links instead a simple button with the spurl logo to click on? my html column is already full!

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