Spurl.net – Del.icio.us integration / Spurl.net API

In response to requests for further interoperability, I’ve made a couple of minor upgrades to Spurl.net:

  • Del.icio.us integration: Current users of del.icio.us can now fill in their del.icio.us user information at Spurl’s My profile page (if you’re redirected to the homepage you need to log in) to be able to use both services through a single post. When the information has been registered, every “spurl” is also sent as a post to del.icio.us, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of both services through a single point of interaction.

    When registering the del.icio.us information, users can also – optionally – upload their current del.icio.us posts to Spurl.net. This allows them to enjoy some of Spurl’s specific features, such as searching their old del.icio.us posts, getting recommendations based on the current del.icio.us profile and makes it possible to keep the Spurl and del.icio.us profiles in sync from that point forward.

  • API: If there are any developers out there that would want to use Spurl.net as a part of their implementations, I’ve created a simple API that allows posting and retreiving information from the Spurl.net database. If you’re interested in using this API, please var bug = “bug”; var a = “@”; var spurl = “spurl”; var dotnet = “.net”; document.write (“contact me“); for further information.


  1. Too cool, H! Now to get all the Url’ing services with the program Way to make the first move.

  2. I just started using SPURL and have been very happy, especially with the smooth transition from del.icio.us.

    The only problem I have is that an extra category was created, a folder with a title of ” “. I have been unable to move, delete, or do anything to this folder, though I can view its contents.

    Anyone know what the deal is?

  3. Jason: You have discovered a minor error in the del.icio.us import mechanism. I have deleted the empty category so everything should be ok now.

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