My spurls update

Some of you may have noticed an upgrade of the My spurls page. The main addition is that you can now rename, move and delete categories. Just go to the category in question and you see these features in the category header.

It is no also possible to sort the spurls based on date, title and how often they’ve been clicked. This helps locate what your spurls. Note though that ordering by number of clicks acts a bit strange as it does not correctly sort spurls with 0 or 1 click. This is a bit weird and is due to a writers block in my SQL brain center. I hope to find a fix soon, but it does not seriously affect the usefulness of having this option.

Further updates to be announced in the next few days…


  1. Good. Problem is that the syndication doesn’t work anymore, on my blog.
    Neither in javascript, nor using the rss feed (which is ok if viewed in raw xml).

  2. Thanks for letting me know. The problem is fixed and there should be no further such problems. No one else should have noticed the error, as it was specific to your feeds.

  3. This is great–really making it a lot easier to organize my spurls, now. I’m -way- behind (hundreds) but will get them all filed one of these days.

    In the mean time, I’ve run into a couple of problems.

    1. When adding a spurl, you cannot create a new category under what is already a subcategory. For instance, if Cat1/Cat2 already exists and when you spurl you create a new category /Cat3 under Cat2, then the item is spurled without a category.

    2. You cannot move a folder that has a sub-folder of its own into a folder. In order to create a 3-deep hierarchy, they must be stacked one at a time in tier order.

    I’ve moved some folders and later realized that their contents were all dumped.

    Prior to you implementing the folder structure, I’d started adding /’s to my categories in order to create a pseudo-hierarchy. Those didn’t quite convert over properly. If you create a folder with a / in it, it will fall into the list as if it’s a folder/subfolder but will not be manipulated as a subfolder (for instance, moving the “parent” won’t influence the child) — in order to repair it, one must click rename and then confirm–and it usually fixes it. . .

  4. Allen: I’ve taken a look at the problems you mention.

    I think thk they are all due to the use of the “/” character in category names, something that I will be preventing. At least I got the behavior you describe when experimenting with such category names, but I was not able to reproduce these errors with “normal” category names.

    If you (or anyone else) are still experiencing similar problems, please let me know and I’ll take a closer look.

  5. I am still unable to move folders successfully under certain conditions.

    For instance say I have folder “Humanities” and I wish to move Literature to the Humanities folder–if Literature has subfolders, their contents will vanish. I’ll end up with Humanities/Literature but Humanities/Literature/Poetry is gone–hopefully the spurls are still available as uncategorized . . .

    Also, I just attempted to move /Linguistics to Humanities/Literature/Linguistics . . .

    The result? After the action, displayed the contents of what was previously Linguistics–but as a non-category. I then tried to move the orphaned spurl to Humanities/Literature (and keyed in “Linguistics” in the “new” box — the category/folder was not created as expected. I’m . . . not sure where that spurl is, now.

  6. Allen: I found the error. Luckily nothing was lost. The error was in the method the categories are displayed and under certain conditions moving a category would result in it (or some or all of its children) to be lost.

    I think I have fixed it now and the categories that disappeared should have reappeared in the right places.

    Please let me know if there are still some problems with this functionality.

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