Private spurls and various minor updates

I may have been quiet for the last few days, but busy none the less. You may notice a new checkbox in the “Advanced” spurling window, labeled “Private”.

This allows you to spurl pages that you don’t want to go through the public listings on If a page is marked “Private”, the only place you can find it is through “My spurls” on the web, and of course when searching your spurls. These pages do not appear in any lists anywhere on the website and not in syndicated lists. So, now you can happily take advantage of without fearing that your competitors, friends or spouses will be aware of what you have marked 😉

To change the “Private” setting for a page click the “Change comment/category” icon next to the page on the “My spurls” page. I will be changing that later on to simply “Edit entry”.

Other changes are not as obvious, but still worth mentioning:

  • The search results, especially when searching the entire spurl library should now be much more relevant, and searching your own spurls should also have improved. The relevance algorithm is rather complex, but in short it puts a certain weight on the title, description, comments and categories people have used for the spurl. It then also takes into account how many people have spurled the page, as an indication of significance. When searching your own spurls, the text of indexed pages is obviously searched as well, and other people’s comments and likings play a far smaller role. I will play around some more with this code, so if you have comments on search results, please let me know.
  • The recommendations have also been tweaked a bit, so they should be more relevant now.

All for now – but more to come during Easter.