Spurl.net grows fast

After a quite positive article about Spurl.net in Lockergnome – Windows Fanatics newsletter, Spurl.net saw a lot of new faces last week.

Traffic has grown significantly and a lot of uploaded bookmarks should be making the recommendations and other Spurl features that use aggregated data from the Spurl community even more interesting.

Spurl.net welcomes all our new users and we hope to see you spurling a lot in the future.

We are always working to make Spurl.net better. An upgrade is scheduled by the end of the week where the latest improvements and additions will be revealed. Stay tuned.

– – –

BTW: Several users have been posting ideas and support requests to the blog, which is fine, but not ideal for keeping track of them and for other users to find the information later on. I’m therefore looking for a good bulletin board solution to install on Spurl.net. Preferably PHP/MySQL based. Any suggestions?


  1. Congrats on all the growth! What’s good for you is certainly good for the end-users–You stay in business, we keep spurling 🙂 Can’t wait for the upgrade. Thus far, every upgrade has been just that–a true-to-its-word upgrade.

    Regarding message boards . . . of the websites I visit, the three I seem to keep seeing again and again are:


    All of which are, I believe, freely distributed. They all pack basically the same features. They are listed in order of my personal preference–the big factor, for me, is how well they keep track of new posts since last visit. In a busy forum, that’s quite important.

    As far as administrative experience goes, I haven’t had any experience since UltraBoard (long since defunct) so I can’t help you there.

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