Displaying your Spurl.net bookmarks on your own page

I was playing with this new blog’s template. I had actually forgotten how incredibly easy it is to include your own bookmarks in your own page, complete with folders and everything. The following assumes that you are a Spurl.net user and make note that it will only show the links that you’ve chosen to publicly display (publish).

When that’s set, here are the steps to integrate with your page:

  1. Download this file, extract the php file inside it – called spifdata.php – and put it into a directory called “spif” under the path where you want to use the tree-view. For this page – hjalli.com – the path needs to be: http://www.hjalli.com/spif/spifdata.php (not that it will do anything on its own though).

    Make sure that the “spif” directory is writable by the user “apache” (or whatever the web server user on your server is). This is likely to be a default setting on the server though.

  2. Include this code in your page where you want the tree to appear (you can this very page as an example)

    <div class="spTree">
    <div id="spfc-0" class="spTreeFolderContent">Loading...</div>
    <iframe id="spLoader" style="display:none;" width="0" height="0">
    <script src="http://www.spurl.net/spif/user/user2.js"></script>

    …replacing ‘hjalli’ with your username.

  3. Include this line in the section of your page:

    <link href="http://www.spurl.net/variants/default/css/sptree.css"
    type=text/css rel=StyleSheet>

That’s it!


  1. Hi, my Spurl tree doesn’t display properly. My Spurls overlap with the folder icons. Any ideas? Thanks.

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