Hans Rosling strikes again

Hans RoslingI’m a big fan of Hans Rosling. He’s really the guy that opened up the eyes of the world to the importance of availability of and open access to data.

His latest presentation, from Google’s Zeitgeist08 conference, is now available on YouTube. It is not as stunning as his original TED eye-opener, but still among the best material you’ll find online, and has surprisingly not made its rounds on the web for real yet. In this new video, he brings good news about AIDS, unveils the realities of oil production in US and Russia, discusses CO2 emissions and how the economic power is shifting from the west to the east. Oh, and there is stuff about money and sex also 🙂

The video can be seen here: 10 years in, 10 years out – Hans Rosling

See my previous blog entries about Hans Rosling here:

P.S. Also speaking at Zeitgeist08 was Paul Hawken. Hawken is giving a speech on sustainability here in Reykjavik on Saturday (Icelandic). From the little stuff I’ve seen he seems a little too evangelistic for my taste, but I’ll check it out anyway – ready to be converted 🙂

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