Iceland & Energy – presentation w. John Perkins

Just finished my previously mentioned presentation on Icelandic energy data. Some 250-300 people showed up – mostly to listen to John Perkins obviously.

Interesting audience to say the least, but a lot of fun!

My DataMarket piece went well – and putting it together at least helped me put some things in perspective. The slides are included below. As before, full screen viewing is recommended. Enjoy:

Iceland & Energy: Upcoming presentation

I have been invited – on behalf of DataMarket – to give a presentation at the University of Iceland on April 6th.

The occasion is a small conference due to the visit of “Economic Hit ManJohn Perkins to Iceland. Perkins is here to attend the premiere of “Dreamland“, a documentary on the effects that large-scale energy projects – especially for aluminum smelting – have had on the Icelandic economy and society in general.

My role will be to present data on the Icelandic energy sector and try to visualize some of the developments that can be seen in this data. I’ll try to cover some of the developments the film talks about, but also the obvious benefits that an abundance of renewable energy brings. I’ve already seen several data sets that give us laymen an interesting perspective on these things.

As a teaser I include below a few slides on the history of electricity generation in Iceland associated with key milestones in the building of our power plants. Be there on April 6th for more 🙂

(Full screen viewing recommended)