“I like!” becomes spurl.net

As you might have noticed, I like! just got a new home. Spurl.net is the address and I believe I managed exactly 0 minutes of downtime during the switch, so you shouldn’t have experienced any trouble in the meantime.

There are two main reasons for the switch:

  • The old URL wasn’t all too easy to tell your friends about – was it?
  • The dedicated URL will make any forthcoming upgrades a lot easier.

The name, spurl.net doesn’t mean anything, i.e. the “url” is url for sure, but the meaning of “sp” is up to you – ideas welcomed. On the other hand the name is short, easy to remember and not too many ways you can screw up the spelling of it when you hear it pronounced – all very good qualities. Thanks to Frosti at Sonos for the name.

The logo was made by Egill. I think it is pretty nice. He’s however not to blame for the rest of the spurl.net UI – I made that mess all by myself.

There are several new features introduced with the move:

  • You can categorize your spurls and add personal comments to them (use the “Advanced” tab in the “Add” window).
  • Quick lists: These lists show the activity at spurl.net in a brief overview, but leave out some of the details found in the older lists.
  • I have separated “My spurls”, i.e. what each individual user has spurled, from the other lists, as the usage of that list is obviously quite different.
  • You can now click the “Related” icon next to any URL to see other URLs that have also been marked by the same people.
  • …and more. I will add details here as the new features are sufficiently tested and documented for your use.

Well, I hope you enjoy the new and improved service. As before, any ideas and comments are welcomed and if you find something you think is a bug, please let me know.

For those of you that were using “I like!” before, I ask you to delete the “I like!” link and replace it with the new one (you will find it on your “My profile” page in spurl.net). Same goes for all RSS feeds and Javascript links. To update them, simply replace “http://mercury.hjalli.com/ilike/” with “http://spurl.net/” in the URLs. Simple – right?

The old links will however work for some time to come, so don’t worry.

Spurl.net is still in development, so expect to see even more new and improved stuff coming soon.

The new Mercury blog will from now on be THE source of information on what is happening with spurl.net, and my Wetware blog will go back to the normal talk on non-traditional computing, engineering and biology.

Thanks once again for using “I like!”. Enjoy spurl.net!