Nasty Google Rank Trick

I came across this site this morning:

Search Subjects on – The Best Icelander Directory.

The page is obviously designed to fool search engine robots to index links to “advertisers'” web sites. It’s quite easy to see that the page is automatically generated, but still some serious effort has been put into making look – at least to an index robot – as it is made by a human.

Wonder how well this works and what methods Googlebot uses to avoid junk like this.

Anyway, I found item 40 a bit funny: “Articles on Icelander car rentals found inside Surtsey.”

For those of you that don’t know, Surtsey is a small volcanic island that was formed in an eruption in 1963-1967 and is today an isolated geological research area that only two dozen people or so have ever set foot on.

I wonder if they rented a car 😉

(Thanks to Magga for the link)