DataMarket at Money:Tech 2009


My company – DataMarket – will be doing a presentation at O’Reilly’s Money:Tech conference in New York in February.

I attended the first Money:Tech conference earlier this year, and I must say it’s one of my favorite conferences ever, so I’m greatly honored to be speaking there.

The topic of my presentation is “What an Economic Collapse Looks Like: The Icelandic Economy Visualized“.

As you’ve probably heard, Iceland suffered a near-total collapse of the banking system in October. Such a collapse would have been bad enough under normal circumstances, but with banks whose assets are 10x the GDP and directly account for almost a quarter of a country’s economy, the consequences are rather dramatic.

At DataMarket, we’ve been up to our necks gathering and visualizing Icelandic statistics and economical indicators, so I think we can tell a pretty interesting story. I really look forward to showing the elite of money-techies our work!


  1. Congratulations on landing the gig. I’m sure it will be of great benefit for your company and other tech companies in Iceland.

    I hope there will be a stream, so us with cheaper tickets can watch your presentation.

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