Introducing: I like! – Collaborative Approach to the Web

I’ve been doing some coding, hence not much written on Wetware in the meantime.

The hack is called “I like!” and is a very simple, yet powerful service that allows you to mark web pages you like, by a single click of a button. In return you get several things:

  • First of all it recommends other pages you will probably like as well (matching your “liked pages” with other profiles).
  • Secondly it allows you to syndicate any list from the service and put it on your blog or other web sites. It is based on a JavaScript, so it works and is up-to-date even on static HTML pages. This can be used in several ways, e.g.:
    • To put a “Most liked pages” list on your web page
    • To put an “I like! recommended:” list on your web page (see example)
    • To put a “Pages that grabbed my attention” list on your web page (see examplein Icelandic)
  • Lists are also available as RSS feeds for those of you that want to do more advanced stuff or just want to put some of the “I like!” lists in your RSS reader.

I actually wrote about this idea under the name of “Interesting Content Indicator” just over a month ago, but my lazy programming didn’t seem to be working, so I had to do it myself 😉

“I like!” is anonymous and doesn’t require any installation. The aforementioned “I like!” button is a link you put in the Links bar or the Favorites in your browser for easy access (or corresponding places in non-IE browsers). It seems to work with most types of browsers and on the most common OSs.

Keep in mind though that you might have to convince your pop-up blocker that the link is OK.

This is still just a BETA, so bear with me for the first few days if there are some minor issues (and please let me know about any bugs or quirks you might find). I have a long list of neat features that I’m implementing at the moment, so it will only get better. All suggestions welcomed.

Like it? I like! can be found here

– – –

Note: When using Internet Explorer to mark a page with frames, you’ll have to click somewhere on the page in order for the “I like!” button to work.


  1. this is totally brilliant! I like it (sorry couldn’t resist).
    For those of you that are using the Google toolbar 2.0 popup killer remember that if you hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key when clicking the “I like” button, it won’t be blocked.

  2. It naturally is unworkable in Opera 6.05 because of the browser’s age. Shucks.

    Also, there have been quite a lot of these popping up recently. It must be the new meme.

  3. Cool indeed 🙂

    I always liked to store my bookmarks on the web for easy access.

    Can you put your gathered links into categories?

  4. Superkuh: Yes, I had noted the issue about Opera 6.05. I’m trying to find a workaround for that. Please let me know about any other incompatabilities you might find in browser/OS combinations. It seems to be working on a majority of them though.

    Dirk: Improving the storage of the pages you’ve already marked is one of the things that are on my “features to do” list. I will up it a notch as it seems to be a much wanted feature. A good, free online bookmark storage is every nerd’s dream, right? 😉

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