Starting up – that would be the fourth

Well, well, well.

I guess it’s some kind of a medical condition, but I’m leaving a great job at Síminn (Iceland Telecom) to start up a new company once again. This will be my fourth start-up, and I’m as excited as ever.

It will be a relatively slow migration as I’m finishing off a few projects at Síminn for the next couple of months, while at the same time setting up the new company, assembling a core team and refining the strategy for an idea that has been with me for some 18 months now, gradually getting more and more focused, until I became so obsessed that I simply had to go for it.

Some would claim this is a horrible time to start a company, with a gloomy economical outlook and a lot of turmoil in the world of business and IT.

I – however – see this as an opportunity. Due to these very conditions, highly qualified people are looking for exciting new opportunities. This is especially true here in Iceland, where the financial sector has drained the market of IT talent for the last 3-4 years, and those adventurous people that really would rather be working on something new and innovative have been tempted by the lucrative salaries and “never-ending party” of our booming banks. Now the banks (and others) are scaling down and being a lot more careful, so these people – many of them not necessarily in danger of loosing their job – might very well want to flex their start-up muscles again. Actually I know for a fact that this is the case.

Secondly, booms and busts in economy seem to come at an interval of 6-8 years. It takes at least 3-5 years to build a great company, so those starting now are likely to catch the next upswing, without having to run too fast for their own good – as long as they can build sufficient income or find the venture capital to fund their operations in the meantime.

The concept I’m working on – and my situation in general – is such that I believe I can pull this off.

I’m not willing to share publicly – just yet – what the concept is, but I’ll surely blog regular updates as things progress.

Long nights and fun times – here I come 🙂


  1. Magnað, hlakka til að sjá hvað það er.

    Hallur kemur víst heim núna á næstu dögum og þá er það karfa.

    Kv. Stígr (viljandi skrifað vitlaust)

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