DataMarket launched

I’m pleased to announce the launch of DataMarket’s new website.

As the name implies, DataMarket is about creating a marketplace for data – structured data to be more specific. This means all sorts of statistics and tabular data, including but not limited to: market research, exchange rates, various financial information, economic indicators, weather data, sports results, EPG data and the average weight of a male wallaby.

Structured data plays a big role in company operations, government and in fact many aspects of life. It therefore continues to amaze me how hard it is to find data and retrieve it in the appropriate format, let alone merging data from different data sources or creating visualizations.

DataMarket is founded to tackle these issues.

In this first phase, we open as “DataMarket – the service company”. As such we offer companies and individuals data aggregation services and custom data related projects, such as programming of interactive data applications and visualizations.

This is just the first step towards our vision of an active marketplace for structured data. Today’s launch is a way for us to get feedback and take on real-world projects as we build towards our final product – a global marketplace that brings together data providers and data seekers in a single easy-to-use, self-service market.

There are many small steps to be taken on the way to this vision. The next phase will be launched early next year when we open a relatively simple little marketplace, focused on a narrow subject – again giving us further feedback and guidance on our way towards the long-term goal.

Any ideas, feedback and help is welcomed, either in comments below or via email.


  1. A very interesting concept. I hope you meet great success with it. Data mining is a growing trend, it’s like making sense to the human made universe – gazing at the cyberstars. 🙂

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